la salle du collectif 12

About us

Today, Collectif 12 is an artist residency which mainly welcomes performing arts.

Collectif 12 is an art center which develop creation and art experiment by welcoming company during a short-term or long-term residency and work on relationship between art, territories and population.

Located near Paris, between urban and rural areas, between the well-know Val Fourré, a meltingpot suburban housing project and the middle-class city center, Collectif 12 aim to bring art to those two different populations.

Receiving several grants, our project focus on accompanying merging artist and company through their creation and de facto create social link by artistic and cultural action : performance, workshop, residency opening, long-term school-residency…


Collectif 12 was a multidisciplinary (theatre, dance, circus, audiovisual, plastic arts, etc.) collection of artists who have come together around a common project for developing a production site where the public can join in with their creative actions. In 1998, the town of Mantes-la-Jolie, which lies at 60 km from Paris, handed over a 1000m² derelict industrial site in the town centre (an old glassworks) to these artists. Until 2004, the collective, which groups together between 12 and 25 people, strived to create links between the public and the different multidisciplinary forms of creation, mixed or independent, that it develops. The site provides creative residence for various companies and artists from different countries and initiates exchanges with artistic teams from the Lebanon, Australia, and Madagascar. Collectif 12 is driven by a common artistic plan, while nonetheless coming to the support of each individual’s project. Encouraging the establishment of artistic connections with the neighbouring townspeople, listening out for their projects and accompanying them in their plans for transforming their neighbourhood are among the prerogatives of Collectif 12.